How to Pressure Wash Your Concrete Driveway or Patio

Tools needed:

  1. Broom or stiff bristled brush
  2. Pressure washer & safety manual
  3. Garden hose
  4. Spray degreaser
  5. Pressure washer detergent
  6. Safety gloves and protective eyewear
  7. Plastic sheeting or tarps/painter’s tape
  8. Paint pan & roller
  9. Paint roller extender pole

First step: Protect All Windows and Doors

Cover any nearby windows and doors with the plasticesheeting and painter’s tape.

Step Two : Sweep the Patio or Driveway Surface

Using your broom, thoroughly remove all visible surface dirt.

Step 3: Degrease the Driveway Surface, if Necessary

Spray degreaser onto the concrete using a stiff brislte brush or the pressure washer attachment tool.

Step 4 : Set Up Your Pressure Washer

After thoroughly reading your owner’s manual for your specific pressure cleaner model, first attach the spray wand attachment  for detergent (usually labeled “soap”) , then attach the garden hoses, and attach the detergent siphon tube to the pressure washer, directly into the detergent container.

Step 4 : Begin Pressure Washing

Wearing safety gloves, first apply the pressure washer detergent by holding down the spray handle, while keeping a distance of 8 to 18 inches from the surface, working your way back and forth evenly. Allow the sprayed detergent to sit on the concrete surface for at least 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes,  change the tip labeled “soap” to the tip that says “25 degree” and, while holding down spray handle, working the spray back and forth from one side of surface to the other, overlapping each prior spray by at least 6 inches. You can hold tip 3 to 4 inches away from the concrete surface to remove tougher stains while moving the pressure washer wand slowly and steadily.

Step 5: Seal the Concrete

Pour a waterproofing concrete sealer into the painting pan, and apply the sealer with a paint roller and extender pole, beginning from the center,  rolling out to the edges of the concrete driveway or patio. Be sure to allow the sealant to thoroughly dry for at least 24 hours before using.


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