How to Find the Best Home Handyman Service

home handyman service

Just about anyone with a tool belt can hang out a sign and call themselves a home handyman, but how do you know the service you are hiring is any good? Photo by fran1/Pixabay.

Just about anyone with a tool belt can hang out a shingle and call themselves a home handyman, but how do you know the service you are hiring is any good? To help avoid being scammed by a fly-by-night jack-of-all-trades/master of none that only wants to take the money and run, follow these basic tips before hiring someone for your next home improvement project.

Read the reviews

Start out by reading what other customers have to say online about the handyman service before you even thinking about hiring them. Look for comments that show the home handyman is proud of his work through his skilled professionalism, job cleanliness and honestly. Did he communicate clearly and precisely what the work he is going to do for the quoted price and was the work completed in the specified time frame, and did he stick to the original job proposal? Or did he add on additional work and expenses without communicating first with the homeowner?

Don’t pay a Handyman in cash

Never pay a home handyman in cash, even if he tells you you’ll save money by doing so. First, this suggests he isn’t as experienced as he wants you to believe, and most likely doesn’t even have a business checking account.

Also, in most states contractors and handyman alike are required to to be licensed and insured. So a handyman service that asks to be paid in cash probably doesn’t have general liability insurance, or workers compensation insurance if the handyman has another helper, or two. If someone gets hurt on your property you’ll be on the hook. Also, if things start to go wrong with your project he might just stop showing up, and you will have to hire a professional contractor to finish what he messed up.

Hire a store affiliated handymen

Hiring a professional handyman through your local hardware store or big-box home improvement chain is a good choice when trying to find a reputable handyman. For instance, Ace Hardware Corporation, the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative, recently acquired Handyman Matters, a franchisor of home improvement, repair and maintenance services, and both Lowes and The Home Depot require that all of their installers are licensed and insured.

To make sure you aren’t overpaying for a common home improvement service, get several quotes from different recommended handyman services. If you decide to hire a store affiliated handyman, it’s still ok to negotiate the price of your job, there’s always going to be  a little room for bargaining.


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