• The Korky QuietFILL toilet fill valve is easy to disassemble and clean if the toilet runs water. Here is an easy to follow video from the manufacturer

  • The white wire is neutral, the black wire is “hot”, or live. A green wire is an earth ground wire, which provide a path back to the source of the electrical current (the main electrical panel) in case of a fault,

  • Benjamin Moore says that by applying paint to vinyl siding it improves its durability and is actually even less labor intensive than painting wood, masonry, or hardboard surfaces. Because the siding doesn’t retain

  • Here are the tools you will need to remove and replace your old grout:

    – Grout saw, either HACKZALL and SAWZALL reciprocating saws or handheld
    – Vacuum
    – Abrasive cleaner , cleaning rags
    – Grout – non-sanded for

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  • You should not use extra plush carpets in high traffic areas. Consider using runners for the areas that get the most wear.

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