Real Estate: forecasting changes to exercising your rights

Whether you’re a seller, seasoned buyer, first-timer or investor looking for the very best representation and the ultimate customer service experience in real estate… look no further than Ryan & Theresa Skrzypkowski of the RSTS Group with Michael Saunders & Company, consistently ranked among the top 200 residential real estate brokerages in the US and one of the emerging top-performing teams in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

As natives of the UK, Ryan and Theresa Skrzypkowski have developed a team with the knowledge, expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of real estate, dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch service that is unmatched and tailored to their needs. Simply put, we are not transaction-oriented. We believe in building relationships and creating raving fans out of clients, friends and family whom we’ve had the privilege of working with. We encourage you to visit our website where you can learn more about our data-driven process and modern approach to real estate marketing.

The RSTS Group is a firm believer of giving back to our community. We’ve been known to give guidance to others who have chosen to represent themselves in a real estate transaction by providing them with the knowledge, tools and resources to be successful. To us, giving back does not equate to receiving something in return. This is one of the best ways to make a more impactful and meaningful contribution to our community we love, while simultaneously creating rapport and building your book of contacts in your database. This is also an effective way to establish trust and credibility.

I’ve always dreamt of being in real estate from a young age. It started with my passion for interior design and appreciation for beautiful homes. Granted, I was naive back then. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you the lavish lifestyle of the elite agents featured on Million Dollar Listing contributed to igniting my interest in this industry. After I got my license, my naiveness eventually wore off. Although it never occurred to me in the beginning the amount of hard work and long hours it takes to be a successful agent in this field. This is coming from a former banker for the past 10 years with weekends off including every holiday you can imagine. I’ve been very fortunate to have some amazing mentors throughout. I only have the highest respect, gratitude and admiration for the elite who continue to set the bar high and pave the way for the rest of us aspiring to reach their level of success, where only a few have ever achieved.

One of my greatest rewards in my real estate career thus far is being part of the RSTS Group, such an amazing and highly talented team that have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not to mention, we have the privilege of being backed by one of the most successful and progressive brokerage firms in the country, Michael Saunders & Company.

Michael’s journey to building a real estate empire from the ground up dates back to over 50 years ago. Using her strong local roots and a small $5,000 loan, Michael opened her first branch in St. Armand’s Circle in 1976, which is still operating today. The company’s mission statement centered on strong core values and unrivaled customer service helped to propel MS&C to the top of the rankings where they consistently hold the largest market share in total sales and volume. What started as one, small office in St. Armand’s has rapidly expanded to over 22 branches in the southwest region of Florida, making MS&C one of the most successful residential real estate firms in the country. There is nothing better than working with like-minded people towards a common goal. When team morale is high, the possibilities are endless and the future of the RSTS Group is looking brighter than ever. And we have yet to even finish the first quarter.

I would like to conclude by sharing an important lesson I learned about the real estate industry, which is a direct correlation to the importance of giving back to our community as I mentioned above. I have come to understand the true meaning of reward. For most people, receiving their biggest commission check is their greatest reward, until the next big one comes along. A person can also be rewarded with a feeling of self-gratification, such as when you see the look of relief and happiness on your clients’ faces when you finally reach the closing table after overcoming some obstacles. Perhaps you received a card in the mail from a FSBO you’ve been pursuing thanking you for loaning a few open house signs and explaining how to execute a contract. One of the most common rewards can also come in the form of referrals from previous clients you may have helped in the past. In spite of your role as the giver or recipient, a reward from one person’s perspective is actually two-fold, regardless of your involvement. There will always be a physical and emotional element on all the various types of rewards. Think object or material (referral) vs. action or feeling (phone call expressing gratitude). The object is usually the byproduct of the emotional element. Most people will agree that you cannot put a value on people’s feelings and emotions, therefore, it cannot be measured. I truly believe that if more people developed this mentality and followed this thought process, we as humans have the potential to collectively create an enormous impact on how people conduct business and their way of life.

Do not stray from your moral values, be trustworthy, develop a routine for self-development, and treat every person as if they are a potential client. If we all engrain this behavior, the commission checks will naturally follow.

Erika Bowen


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