Spring Time is Tick Season, Learn How to Protect Your Pets

Flea and tick season is upon us so let’s be responsible pet owners. Know your their furry friends are a paradise for these dangerous insects. If you live in a tick infested area, take preventative measures to protect yourself from tick bites, and check yourself every time you come back into the house

8 ‘To-Do’ Spring Home Maintenance Checklist Chores

Winter’s over, now it’s time to go outside and survey your home for any potential damage.

The Top 10 Most Common Problems Found By Home Inspection Services

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) surveyed their members to learn the most common problems found in the homes they had inspected. Does your home suffer from any of these common household problems? 1. Improper Surface Grading and Drainage (35.8%) By far the most common home inspection problem (35.8%) found from the society of home inspectors was the improper [...]

New Product: Water Filters

Water filters and purification

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