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10 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean House

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10 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean House

Where to Get Home Improvement Grants and Loans

Home Repair Grants and Loans If you've been putting off that home improvement project because of the cost, consider applying...
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Where to Get Home Improvement Grants and Loans

10 Simple Upgrades to Help Sell Your Home Fast

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10 Simple Upgrades to Help Sell Your Home Fast

9 Helpful Tips Before Starting Your Interior Painting Project

When you're ready to give the inside of your home a fresh new appearance, here's a few helpful tips to...
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9 Helpful Tips Before Starting Your Interior Painting Project

How to Clean Your Interior Painted Walls

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How to Clean Your Interior Painted Walls

Spring Time is Tick Season, Learn How to Protect Your Pets

Flea and tick season is upon us so let's be responsible pet owners. Know your their furry friends are a paradise for these dangerous insects. If you live in a tick infested area, take preventative measures to protect yourself from tick bites, and check yourself every time you come back into the house
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Spring Time is Tick Season, Learn How to Protect Your Pets

8 ‘To-Do’ Spring Home Maintenance Checklist Chores

Winter's over, now it's time to go outside and survey your home for any potential damage.
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8 ‘To-Do’ Spring Home Maintenance Checklist Chores

The Top 10 Most Common Problems Found By Home Inspection Services

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The Top 10 Most Common Problems Found By Home Inspection Services

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Make your own Hand Sanitizer

If your local stores run out of hand sanitizer, try making your own. Here’s a simple recipe we found from a biomedical PhD post:

Mix well together in a bowl:

  • 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol (99% isopropyl alcohol)
  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel.

Stir well and store in a pump bottle to carry around with you and use wherever you have to touch public things.

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    Plumbing 3 Sub categories
    Ask your plumbing related questions here to repair leaky faucets and sinks, toilet bowls, shower heads and more in your home....
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    Get tips and advice on how to grow your own bountiful home vegetable or flower garden.
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    Get advice on do-it-yourself roofing and siding installation and repair projects for 3-tab asphalt and tar strip shingles,...
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    All things for house pets at HelpHouse. Shop for pet supplies for your dog, cat, bird, fish aquarium and even reptiles! Browse...
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    Ask and answer questions about home gardening. Vegetable gardening, container gardening, fruit trees, proper amounts of sunshine,...
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    Find advice about electrical repairs that you can do yourself from qualified electricians and other diy'ers . Replace faulty...
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    Fix your home's flooring problems with help from others at HelpHouse. Find help from refinishing your old hardwood floors...
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    Get the latest DIY painting ideas, techniques, tips, tricks and tutorials from professional painters. Make your next home...
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    Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire sprinkler systems
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    Heating and Cooling 11 Sub categories
    Get help with the most common central air conditioning and home heating repairs, including how to check and change filters,...
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    Landscaping Design 6 Sub categories
    Get help and ideas on your home landscaping projects from experts on simple DIY landscaping project to bigger, more sophisticated...
  • 0 Questions windows and door replacement
    Windows and Doors 3 Sub categories
    Get advice on how to fix that squeaky door or broken window, to a full DIY replacement of your existing windows and doors.
  • 0 Questions home maintenance
    From checking and replacing important things like filters, vents and smoke alarms inside your home, to checking window screens...
  • 0 Questions solar panel array on home
    Solar power has emerged as one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy. Cut your expensive electricity bills and...
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    Advice on basements and concrete foundation installations, waterproofing, repairs or raising.

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