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Social media can be more harmful than good if not done right

Social Media is one of the most compelling and effected methods for driving good traffic to your website, but if done wrong, will absolutely devastate your website traffic. Social Media must be given respect to how you conduct yourself and what your message is. When it comes to Social media, REPUTATION is everything.


Social Media – Done Right

If you are not doing Social Media the right way, you are better off not doing it at all. Your company message should be conveyed consistently across all Social Media platforms. Help House will diagnose all your Social Media websites, message posts, pictures and make sure you have a presence on all the major ones, loaded with great and informative content.


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Help House Social Media Process

  • Evaluate Social Media

    If you hire Help House for your SEO Service we will evaluate all your current Social Media sites to check your content consistency, your message posts and your pictures. Help House with correct any issues we find.

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  • Evaluate Your Reputation

    When it comes to Social Media, reputation is everything. Your presence should convey a natural and direct message. You need a presence on all the major players; facebook, Twitter, Google+ for example.

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  • Evaluate Your Services

    If you confuse your audience in Social Media your SEO will suffer. If you overuse your personal Social Media pages for business, your SEO will suffer as well.Help House will make sure you are not sending any mix signals.

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