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SEO is constantly changing as the major search engine Google is continually modifying their algorithm to tighten down the reigns and deliver more natural search results. The SEO experts at Help House have over 40 years in combined experienced, dating back to 1992. Contact Help House if your website is not appearing in search results.

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Value Of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of configuring your website from the inside out, top to bottom, left to right with natural content, user friendly, informative to actually does apply to what it is you or your company offers. The process can be so compelling and complicated that many will fail simply for the process of overloading your website. In the world of SEO, less will mean more or better results, many times. Some of the factors affecting SEO is website load times, responsive across all platforms, the UI (user interface), e.g. desktops, tablets, smartphones.

The websites that Help House builds are all optimize for best SEO performance. Our goal is to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google.


Help House SEO Process

  • Website Evaluation

    Contact Help House to inquire about our SEO services. If you hire us we will evaluate each and every page of your website. This also includes images, forms, Java scripts, php and more. After our initial report we would then go over with you what needs to be done to optimize your entire website. We can usually fully optimize most websites within a 2 week time frame.

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  • Localization

    A major piece of successful SEO is to be sure you are established locally and our receiving reviews, good reviews. Having a proper Google+ page is an important factor for this as well. As part of our SEO service we check that you are properly setup with Google+ as well as the other critical key websites. This applies even if your services are consider global.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media is critical for your SEO success. Your website must show consistency across all your social media sites. Content must be entered naturally and stay true with what is on your website. Help House will cross reference all your social media websites and make certain you have a positive presence on all the necessary ones.

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SEO Critical

A Rating

B Rating

D Rating

F Rating

A rated SEO websites will dominate the search rankings


Just because you have a website it does not mean it will be found naturally, via the major search engines. Your website MUST be properly optimize or will never be given serious indexing. Help House build some of the best optimized websites you will ever see. Let us build yours today.

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