Pay Per Click Services

We handle all aspects of your PPC – critical keywords to landing pages

Pay Per Click is the most surefire way of getting traffic to your website, however, it must be carefully managed to maximize your ROI. Proper headings in your ads, landing pages to effectively convert are critical for a successful PPC campaign. The experts at Help House have been honing their skills through running PPC campaigns for over 12 years and we are at the pinnacle for performance.


Value of Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click ad campaigns are practically used by every major and minor website there is. Do a keyword search and you will find the top search return results are dominated by the major click ad players. Many beginners will make the mistake by allocating a good size budget and jump right into the PPC game; big mistake. PPC campaigns must be strategically coordinated and setup for maximum ROI or you will simply be throwing money away. However, before PPC campaigns are commenced you MUST make certain your website is properly optimized and responsive across all UI platforms.

If you hire Help House for your SEO services we will first make sure your website is fully optimized. Contact Help House to inquire about your SEO campaign. 

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Help House PPC Process

  • Evaluate Your Services

    If you hire Help House we will first need to know about your services or products you offer. We would learn from you all the vital aspects of your company and what it is you want to push hard through PPC campaign. Help House will show you samples of what we believe will work best.

    Contact Help House to get started.

  • Responsive Optimization

    Next we will check your website for responsiveness and optimization. If your website needs adjusting as we have found that the majority will need this, we would then offer our optimization service to you at a discount. The assumption that SEO is not important if using PPC is simply not the case.

    Contact Help House to get started.

  • Landing Pages

    It is critical that you have landing pages to convey your message and offering for the users that will click through. We recommend at least 3 landing pages to gauge effectiveness of the PPC campaign. Help Help will create these landing pages at a discount if you will not have any ready to go. 

    Contact Help House to get started.

PPC Effectiveness

Budget ($300)

PPC Cost (.30)

Clicks (1000)

Conversion Rate (2%)
20 sales

Average Item Cost ($20)
$20 sales

Sales ($400)
$400 sales

Net Income ($100)

Sample effectiveness of a good PPC Campaign