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email marketing has been proven to be very cost effective

Email marketing has been around since the beginning. A cost effective email campaign is only as good as the email list that is being used.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the tried and true effective means of marketing and has been around since the beginning. However it also has often been referred to as the annoying means of marketing, with the term “spam” being associated with it far to often, It is critical your email marketing source uses authenticated double or even triple opt-in email list.

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Effective EMail Marketing

  • Establish Relationship

    Open a dialog with people via email messaging. Keep it simple, friendly and direct and respect people’s privacy without bombarding them where they will eventually opt-out.

  • Value Recipients

    Treat your email recipients like they are royalty – in some respects. Meaning value that you are stepping into their domain so make them feel valuable and wanted.

  • Personalities Differ

    We are all different and unique and will often always have a difference of opinions and needs. Your email targets will do so also, so use various email strategies to change up your message to gauge what is working – or not – and tweak from there.

  • “Sale’sy- Fail’sy”

    Lets face it, we are all far to used to being bombarded with email – mostly spam. If you come across being too sales pushy – your message will be ignored. Most of us can tell this within the first 5 words, and sometimes even how the email looks, it’s format and colors.

  • Convert -Impression

    In most cases you will have an average of 7-10 impressions to make a successful conversion or sale. Patients is key and let it unfold naturally. DO not push your message to harshly if the conversion has not happened in the first 3-6 email impressions.

  • Automatic Systematic

    Emails should be sent on a fairly strict schedule where the recipient becomes use to your delivery times. Use an auto-responder and effective landing pages to help convert those emails into sales conversions.

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